Hiriko Ohno My artwork is derived from by a simple question: Where do human beings come from? How did the universe originate? My work explores how we are related to space-time. In my work, I investigate the sense of anti-gravity, disorientation, and weightlessness and I want to visualize gravity like flying through space. In my large-scale paintings, I contemplate the warping of space/time around massive objects, appearing on my works as geometrical schemes. At the same time, these works are familiar and delay cognitive recognition. To accomplish this and convey the power of nature, I paint on site large-scale paintings in natural wonders from Sahara to Machu Picchu. In addition, I expanded my work to express my ideas in sculptural form. I work with pigments, acrylic, canvas, mirrors, and metals to achieve complex hues and textures that evoke light traveling from millions of miles away.

Recently my work has been inspired by the philosophy of Graham Harman, the leading proponent of a destabilizing school of thought known as object-oriented ontology. Based on the idea that everything on the earth or in the universe exist equivalently even though human, I contemplate how things exist in the universe and visualize the interaction of objects with allure, allusion, and note. I hope to connect contemporary philosophy resemble a little oriental philosophy. First, the visual beauty that appeals to human sensitivity is significant for me and color is my first language. My work is influenced by my experience and environment, both physical and spiritual.


Brooklyn-based visual artist, Hiroko Ohno was born in Tokyo, Japan where in college she learned the classical technique of using mineral pigments (Iwaenogu). Although her early career started as a Japanese painter she eventually became a contemporary artist. Hiroko received both a BFA and an MFA from Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

Her work is currently on view in a group show "Outer of Orbit/Out of Orbit" at the Lichtundfire Gallery in Lower East Side through April 2.

Her new sculpture has been selected for the Juried Exhibition "67th Art of the Northeast" at the Silvermine Arts Gallery, CT, Curated by David Kiehl, Whitney Museum's curator.

One of her paintings was selected for NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) exhibition "Borderless: In Perspective" at Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin.

Ohno is a recipient of LMCC/Creative Capital Summer Institute, Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship and the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists.

She has exhibited on an international scale with solo exhibitions from Sanagi Fine Arts (Tokyo) to Desbrosses Gallery(NY), Takashimaya Fine Arts Division(Tokyo), Honma Museum (Japan) Kalart Gallery (San Francisco), JM Art Centre,(Namibia), Gallery Art Point (Tokyo) and Radio House Gallery (NY),. Select group exhibitions include Lichtundfire Gallery, CUNY QCC Art Gallery (NY), UBS Art Gallery(NY), A.I.R Gallery(NY), Columbia University(NY) and land[e]scape, a show curated by Eric Shiner for the Onishi Gallery(NY), Setagaya Museum(Tokyo), Australia, London and Hong Kong.

She was honored with the prestigious Kawabata Ryushi Award and Meguro Gajyoen Museum Award in Japan. Her works are in the collections of Lyman Allyn Museum, CUNY, QCC Art Gallery, NY, Horticultural Society of New York, Tokyo University, Homma Museum and Keio University. Kyuryudo published a collection of her works in 1998. She lives and works in New York City since 2004

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