Hiroko Ohno

Galaxy - Event Horizon, 2019 / pigment, salt, acrylic on linen

Hiroko Ohno solo exhibition
Homma Museum of Art in Sakata city in northern Japan.
January 12 - February 18
Artist talk January 12 at 2pm

Hiroko Ohno Hiroko Ohno

Hiroko Ohno

Galaxy Around Us, 2017 / mineral pigments and acrylic on canvas board, wire, magnets / 33" H x 30" W x 19" D

Participating in Asia week - San Francisco, CA
Asia Week - San Francisco, CA
October 5 - 14 2018

Hiroko Ohno

Galaxy, 2018 / mineral pigment on konshi paper mounted on wood panel / 36" x 26"

Hiriko Ohno"An Ishigaki Island Hotel Stores a Hiroko Ohno Piece." Art Annual (Shinbijyutsu newspaper), September 1, 2018 issue

Galaxy, a piece by the New York-based artist Hiroko Ohno, has been stored inside the "Galaxy Room" at the Miyahara Hotel on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa. The room is situated in the Misaki Kan wing, which was opened in July. The Southern Cross is observable from the room from late December to near the end of July. It all started when Yasuhiro Miyahara, the hotel's CEO, saw Hiroko Ohno's work hung in an Ishigaki Island café. Ohno reflects: "Galaxy is an expression of myself. I gratefully and humbly accepted the commission." The striking array of stars depicted on the painting both entertains and puts guests at ease.

A telescope and a planetarium can also be found inside the Galaxy Room.

Hiroko Ohno

Untitled, 2016 / paint on steel

67th Art of the Northeast
Curated by David Kiehl, Curator at the Whitney Museum.
Silvermine Art Center, CT
July 8, 2017 - August 19, 2017

Hiroko Ohno

Borderless, 2016

Borderless: In Perspective
Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin
Opens December 3 - 17, 2016
Hiroko Ohno

Tokyo Waterfall, 1993

Aesthetics of Woman Artists
Homma Museum of Arts, Japan
November 10 - December 19, 2016
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